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Mike In Los Angeles
I think any time you contradict conventional wisdom you’ll get pushback, and anticipating that pushback becomes part of the narrative. I’m not pushing back against the buffer, I think it’s great that you’re taking so much time and being so empirical about the approach and the findings. I would, though, expect you to want to compare the photos of the new thing to photos of the old thing, for your own curiosity and to head off some small percent of the foolishness that must be shaping up in your comments section.

When I found out that burn-in balm prevents steam blushing a lacquer finish, I got a lot of push back so I stopped telling people.

I think what you’re doing is super cool, I just know to keep the buffing stuff outside and I also know I would use this newfound information to better effect if I didn’t have to go outside to reap its benefits.

Thanks again man!

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