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David Weaver
..Mike and John, I wouldn't figure either of you as folks who wouldn't manage a buffer or have any issue with freehand honing.

Shop cleanliness or look are two legitimate reasons to not want a buffer (if I ever peddled double iron planes and went to a show and talked about working entirely by hand and then stuck a buffer at the end of the bench and said "I am becoming reliant on this", then people would make fun of me. Which just makes me want to prove them wrong rather than wilt :)

My net is intended more to catch people who say they just don't do enough sharpening to learn to sharpen freehand, or the considerable number of people who have asked (fewer now) through youtube comments and messages if I would just share the angle that the microbevel should be and how big it should be instead of talking about all of this buffer stuff.

I kind of feel like this whole effort is much like going bonkers examining everything in 2012 with the cap iron so the article would be relevant and so that I could test a bunch of stuff in the moment (the shape, angle and height of the leading edge, etc) and then sit on it instead of being stuck in an endless loop of still thinking further (something I might do).

Thus, I've done the stone roll for a long time, but didn't bring it up, because the perceived sharpness isn't any better, and because nobody ever bit on it. And then the strop, which I find to be much more work and physically dissatisfying and mentally unstimulating at that - but it can work if done long enough, and testing the yellowcake yesterday shows that it's fine enough. The finish from it is finer than a black oilstone even though it's monstrously aggresive on a hard surface).

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