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David Weaver
The significance of the finish on those plates is that the edges of the mill marks are not burred, and somehow the surface is very smooth.

If one is to attempt use a plane sole filed and then sanded to a fine finish, all of the marks in it from doing that will both hold diamond between the tooth of the sanded ridges (even if very finely sanded) and the surface of the ridges will cut edges and hone them.

I learned this the hard way. What i didn't think of at the time was the potential if one is going to use their own cast lap or try to improve an older piece of cast like from an old table saw, it may be possible to buff the surface of the lap to lose the tooth that the lap gets from sanding.

For whatever reason, the good quality blanchard grind didn't leave any of that toothiness on the plate surface and they were actually flat instead of sort of flat and sort of not in some places. A sanded plane sole or table saw scrap vs. the laps you had made is literally the difference between not working properly and working superbly.

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