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Why the interest in Strop-Only Unicorning?
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am not understanding the interest in only stropping to get a Unicorn Profile. We know from the photographs what the edge needs to look like. We are already using something as the last abrasive step in traditional sharpening. It seems to make most sense to use the last sharping step we already use to at least begin the Unicorning profile to shorten, or even eliminate, the stropping.

Measured by edge longevity I successfully Unicorned a chisel with about 5 rocking pull strokes with 1 micron diamond, followed by about 5 rocking pull strokes on a strop that may, or may not, have done anything useful. Any final finish stone would have done the same I suspect.

How this all went down. I was dovetailing and Unicorning seem to provide meaningful benefit to the process. I asked David about stropping to that end as I did not own a buff. David said it could work but would be slow. It did not take much thought to see how to speed up creating the profile without a buff.

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