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about 45 degrees
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David Weaver
I could try again adding more "cake" to the strop, as I'd just penciled a few lines on with the wax bar and mixed them in with a drop of oil.

I had pretty significant improvement and a tiny stripe almost right away, but some of the wire edge remnants were more persistent and held on for a while. to duplicate the larger robust stripe too much longer.

The edge holds up well, though. it works, just as a stone roll does. I now realize that when I was rolling with a stone, I should've just done some light work to follow it with a loaded strop. It would've made for a better edge, but I was looking - as bill says - to be able to use a chisel for a long time. In my terms, I want to be able to mortise a plane with a chisel and still be able to pare sides without having to stop to sharpen a few times.

Diamond on cast is so much more aggressive, even for its fineness, that it may be more ideal for a hand roll, and if cast is found that isn't rough, it's cheap.

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