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> scraped off my clean strop and applied the yellowcake (in the interest of finding the fastest way to do the manual uni rather than using a really fine strop compound).
> It took about 100 full strokes (or a good fraction of a minute) to get the same amount of edge profile on a chisel that the buffer does (the high speed buffer with the same compound takes about 5 seconds).
> Many won't find the minute factor that much of a problem - but it does take two hands on the chisel and a fair amount of physical effort.

What angle did you strop? When I tested with a strop, I used 40-45 degrees and pretty light pressure (like drawing a pencil line on paper), for just a couple dozen strokes. I had pretty good results with that. That process left a micro bevel that looked similar to what I got from the buffer, though it didn't hold up quite as well.

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