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Keith Newton
I of course use a file to work the main shape of the ax and adz blades, but have then followed with fine diamond plates, but still think I want to polish the final edge with the compound. If it improves the edge holding of even cheap chisels, I see no reason it shouldn't improve the ax edges too.

I went looking online for a buffing pad for a 4" angle-grinder because I think laying these large blades over the edge of my workbench, I would have better control with the grinder than I would with a drill.

I ran across the disk linked below, but noticed they are 16mm ID, which is well below the 7/8" typical for angle grinders, but started wondering how or why they would even offer them is there was no way to mount them. Even in the reviews some were complaining. But then I went out and removed a cut-off wheel from one of mine, I found that the shaft under the big washer/ bushing that the normal wheels mount on is just over 16mm, so they ought to work without the bushing on the shaft, although I would like to have a larger washer behind it.

Since y'all seem to still be in the experimental stage, I thought this may be worth a try.

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