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strop only uni

David Weaver
scraped off my clean strop and applied the yellowcake (in the interest of finding the fastest way to do the manual uni rather than using a really fine strop compound).

It took about 100 full strokes (or a good fraction of a minute) to get the same amount of edge profile on a chisel that the buffer does (the high speed buffer with the same compound takes about 5 seconds).

Many won't find the minute factor that much of a problem - but it does take two hands on the chisel and a fair amount of physical effort.

a shorter steeper edge curve may be a cheat to get almost the same benefit without doing as much work as the buffer does.

Edge finish is very good, but it's not quite as sharp as the buffer leaves the chisel.

Stone and then buff off the stone rounding wire edge is about half the work and half the time if done with swiftness.

for guide users, the earlier test of four strokes in a guide at 34 degrees with diamond on cast was almost as good as the unicorn, and almost as sharp feeling. The wire edge for all practical purposes fell off with that. No significant damage was observed with that, and when I did my test for the forthcoming article, only the sorby at 34 wasn't completely accommodated with a flat bevel.

The condition for the cast is that the lap needs to be really good quality and well done to work with 1 micron diamonds and not have the mill marks in the cast itself damage the edge at a fine level.

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