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David Weaver
...all that aside, my wife was complaining about long shallow scratches on her car. Someone appears to have brushed along the car with a coat or something not that severe (maybe the plastic on a shopping cart). I have one of those $10 kits, but from ebay, and it's got a bunch of little buffs on - including two 4" wheels. I thought I'd never use it. I bought it for guitars or razors or something, but it's too dangerous for both because of the moving hard metal parts that can contact things when used for that.

I would've rubbed those scratches out by hand, but I dug that kit out inspired by the "winston" setup, and put a glazing polish on the buff and removed the full length light scratches in less than 10 minutes. Now, I'm obligated to remove the rest on every kind of anything around here.

I've also used the (Bench) buffer itself in the past to restore hardware in the house that would've been thrown away in a use. If I didn't have it here, I wouldn't have thought to do it and it would've seemed like buying a buffer was a waste of time. But the wheel paid for itself in one shot (and will improve marital happiness), and the buffer paid for itself several times over long before using it on tool edges.

The kit that I have is the kind of thing that shows up with an ebay search string like "drill buffing kit cotton".

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