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Ax edges ()

David Weaver
...except for the scandi axes that are near chisel hardness.

I don't keep any of those because they don't work with files.

Axes are an excellent illustration of one part severing and the other part geometry behind the severing. The older ones have a nice two-way rounded taper and a lot of the newer ones are flat (the scandi types are like that) top to bottom, or close to it, with the convexity on the cheek only going in the direction from edge to poll.

Some of them with very little. Those axes are made in an area where there are a lot of small soft birch trees and they won't free themselves easily from a deep cut. Once in a while, you can find someone trying to use them in earnest on youtube, marveling about how deep they seem to penetrate and then spending a lot of time getting the axe back out.

The really high end hard ones are often slack belted to shaving sharpness before they're sold, though.

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