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I was wrong about damage... *PIC*
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Result: not good *PIC* ()

David Weaver
..i said yesterday that the chisel showed some extra damage at the edge from chopping maple (this is a sort of well used HF chisel - it's not like it's been used heavily, but it was beaten for house work early on which necessitated removing damage and grinding it back).

What was actually on the edge was mostly dirt. There's one deflection in the middle, and I can't guarantee that it wasn't already there. So all of the edge looks like the first picture except for a tiny dot of deflection about a hundredth long.

Too, there's no way this chisel is 60 hardness, but I don't know what it is. It may be an even match for the sorby.

I vaguely recall damage occurring on the edges of these chisels anew (Because I thought I'd regrind one with sharp sides to use as a dovetail parer) and then seeing less of it, and saying to someone "inside the chisel they sell you is a real chisel, but you have to remove the outer part that's not a real chisel". or something to that effect.

They're likely ground, induction heated and then splashed. The edges probably get hot faster than the rest of the chisel, or the center of the chisel is heated better - all kinds of things can happen in a fast process like that that don't look like an experienced blacksmith evenly heating a billet and quenching the entire thing identically.

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