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Hank Knight
Most of the reputable dealers carry common American hardwoods in wide sizes. I recently bought a 5/4 figured walnut board that's 12 feet long and 16" wide from Groff & Groff hardwoods in Pennsylvania. I've purchased wide walnut, cherry and maple from Hearn Hardwoods, also in Pennsylvania. Wide boards are sold at a premium, and you have to add shipping on top of that if you don't live close, so it's expensive. But working with wide stock is really nice. Dressing wide stock is an issue if you don't have wide power equipment to handle it - unless you don't mind doing the old fashioned way. Most of these dealers will dress rough lumber for you, also for a price. I order most of my hardwood from dealers by phone and have it shipped to me. I've found them very helpful and easy to deal with. Call them up and tell them what you need. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the service you'll get.

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