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Re: Wood ideas for Monticello book presses

Wiley Horne
Hi Tony,

There’s a lot of wood in that project. The best wood is what David says. But there’s also the question of how much money do you want in functional furniture for the kids.

If you’re going to use the plan dimensions, it’ll be quite a job finding 13” wide boards of any species, short of sending to the northeast for eastern white pine.

As an alternative, is there a Lowes near you? I have better luck here with Lowes than with Home Depot when it comes to lumber. If you need to join 8” wide boards to make your width, you may appreciate working with flat straight material. Lowes out here carries an appearance pine or whitewood (forget exactly the marketing name), in 8” and 12” nominal width (7-1/4” and 11-1/4“ actual). This wood is very flat and straight to start with, and you can highgrade the pile to get the best they have. For double the price, you could consider poplar in 8” or 12” nominal width—I can almost always find flat and straight poplar boards at Lowes.

Anyway, if there is a Lowes not too far, suggest go looking there. Look online first to check their inventory—you want to get there not long after they put up new stock. The new stock will be high-graded pretty quickly—you want to be the one to do the high-grading.


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