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David Weaver
uk workshop. It's a good forum, but the hand tool side is kind of dead for its size.

Little discussion of building things occurs there and the ongoing theme is the opposite of here (finding car boot tools for a few bucks rather than pondering which boutique tools to buy).

Think of riding the bevel as follows (I found it hard to figure out, and peoples' use of terms like "face into the cut" didn't help): you're striking the chisel so that it's traveling diagonally through the wood rather than straight in. The bevel of the chisel is against the side of the cut that's not yet been wasted out. It looks like you're attempting to hammer the bevel of the chisel through the not-yet-cut part, but it moves diagonally, of course, because following the sharp edge is easier.

Instead of going straight in, as it's moving through the depth of the wood diagonally, the sides of the chisel (Which are wider at the bottom in most cases) are also cleaning off the sides of the mortise.

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