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David Weaver
This is not an indictment of the UK forum, rather a mention that there's only "a little bit of this". As in, most topics don't create the "you have no idea what you're talking about and you've been doing it a stupid way your whole life" response.

There's less of that over there. I sometimes notice when users pick at each other and there are a few folks over there like that, but again, less than american forums.

There are also more folks over there who worked as apprentices at some point and were told how to mortise, and seemingly wouldn't have had the opportunity to try a bunch of things. With the benefit of lack of variety or trial comes clearer certainty that what you're doing is the best.

I follow laziness. sometimes laziness isn't the easiest for a given task, but sets up the next thing as easier to do - collective constructive laziness to a given standard.

Even this can be errant if discretion is wrong.

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