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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am curious why anyone but a historian would be interested in how a factory in some way past time and place did hand tool woodworking. Given the multitude of variables that differ between this setting and the situation today I don't see these historical accounts of more than a curiosity, and certainly not a useful guide, even if they were accurate and depicted practices widely practiced at that time, both doubtful assumptions. What would be historically interesting would be equivalent documentation of a Colonial, British and German factory. I predict the differences in the details would be substantial.

What could be useful today would be for someone to describe what the Irion factory did. Here was a modern factory putting product out the door with a lot of hand tool work. Their techniques would have been efficient and reliable and in a setting and with tools more resembling our shops.

What would be practical for someone needing to make a mortise would be to ask any of the modern Period Furniture makers.

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