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revealing the ash holes for you *PIC*
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

The question is whether as the realization that ash is extinct becomes widely known wormy ash will become trendy and I will have become a trend setter. The desire to be a trend setter once in my life is compelling. I can brag about it at class reunions. Who would have guessed....... :D A woodworker friend of mine thought it ugly. I'm giving it a chance.

For those that are into show planed surfaces this ash was special. It positively glowed when planed. But it is a kitchen and something protective was desirable, if not essential. Minwax Acrylic gloss, followed by Minwax satin. Sprayed thin coat of each for close to wood look.

It is not pink like the picture shows....incandescent light and didn't color balance.

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