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Desk put into service *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
In an exchange below on this Forum it was said that building stuff was the province of the regular forum and esoteric stuff like metal was for here. In a contrarian spirit, the kitchen desk, made with Unicorned chisels no less.......

Main wood is rift ash. Crotch panel in end, which seems out of place among the rift grain, was rescued from a dying ash on the farm. Sentiment trumps good design. The top is an experiment. Again it is made from dead worm infested ash from the farm. It didn't cost much and could be replaced.

The desk is made to be reversible should some day it service better with knee hole on left. Not a conventional design and it turned out difficult to make rather than simpler as anticipated.

Finish is Minwax acrylic. More to say about that later. Wonderful bright finish. Has the properties of blond shellac. Love it.

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