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David Weaver
our testing isn't getting the lost corners thing ,but I gave up using japanese chisels at shallower angles both for the edge chipping, but also because an ouchi set that I had came sharpened around 25 degrees. When those chisels lost corners, it was spectacular.

The buffed corners can look pretty drastic, but I haven't had any work that didn't get completed cleanly.

Same scale as all of my other pictures, so the roundover looks large, but the really steeply rounded part is only a couple of thousandths.

My favorite chisels (i have no clue who the maker is, they're a slightly thinner set of oire that I got from japan's version of ebay) were the sweetest in the test. Same effort more or less as V11, slightly better sharpening and less edge failure. they are hard enough that if you get rough with them, they could shed a corner, but I think this method will result in less of that.

They cut facets on the butt of a chisel now that look like they've been waxed. Literally - so clean that the cedar looks darker and is shiny on end grain.

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