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David Weaver
Me, too, probably on the order of 400 stones in and out, with at least 100 remaining here. I still love them. I have achieved the same level of sharpness, but never in combination with durability and achievement of the sharpness level consistently is not quick.

Or, in short, even when achieving that level of oxide sharpening completeness, the edge doesn't last.

Examining razors gave me an indication with hand sharpening just how much work is involved if you're really going to go to the no-visible scratches level vs. something more typical like the black ark/shapton 12000 level which is quite a bit more coarse.

Even the wonderful 1 micron diamonds, which are fast and fine, don't provide a feel equal to the cheap 5 micron calcined alumina bar on the buff.

I suppose a buffer isn't a job site tool, but japanese tools take an even sweeter edge off of the buffer than do the softer tools.

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