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Bruce Mack
I took my 3/8" Marples chisel (yeah, the one with the deformed edge from paring) and sharpened it to 1-micron diamond paste on cast iron, followed by stropping with the chromium oxide on leather. It was sharp. I took this 25 degree bevel and held it to the buffing wheel at about 45 degrees for ~5 seconds. I then pared end grain cherry until I tired of the waxy shavings, and found the edge to still push-cut card stock like nothing in my experience, including a Koyamaichi. After further tinkering, I thought maybe the edge was dulling. Ten more seconds on the cast iron, 10 on the strop, and 5 on the buffer, and again I had the sharpest, the easiest, the most durable, and the most amazing edge I have ever coaxed from a chisel. Thank you, David!!

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