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Why David moved the needle

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
As a means of modestly improving sharpening it has an uphill battle to overcome everyone's inertia that already is satisfied with what they are doing.

Almost everyone that is chopping dovetails sees chisel edge damage that requires more frequent sharpening. When David reported that mushy Sorby chisels did not deform at an astonishing 20 degrees , that was the potential for a huge improvement in performance for an inexpensive chisel. I sold a set of Sorby because they were too soft to dovetail with. When Winston showed that he could Unicorn a Buck and it would perform competitively with a LV, that was a needle mover.

Sold as a better means of sharpening the method may never have gained interest. Demonstrated as means of turning an inexpensive chisel into a durable one, that got people's attention.

So, the needle mover was recognizing a new benefit more people could take advantage of.

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