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David Weaver
it could be any number of things. even different leather.

But I will make no claims about my shop being contaminant free. One thing I decided early on was that I could either do all of the things I mentioned in one spot, or I could make things complicated and section everything off. I figured that before I section everything off (And get duplicate benches, etc), I would give doing everything in one area a shot and it's generally not been an issue. spiderwebbing a blade may be something that happens one every 20 with a strop. If there's a layer of dust on a strop (even if it's just settled from sawing) then I scrape it.

There have been cases where the contaminant is metallic (most likely wire edge, I don't file over the strops - they're a few feet away), but I don't generally try to figure out what it is, I just scrape the leather (which must not remove much of anything other than swarf as I've never thinned out the leather on a paddle strop to the point of disuse, and I only have two that I use regularly).

I have no clue what it's like to work with metal using power tools in general, or high speed belt grinders, so I'll defer to the folks who demand shops be separated by wall or door where that's the case.

As far as contamination, I'm not the first person to mention this, though usually when I see it come up as a forum topic, the notching is much worse than just webbing. Tiny webbing doesn't necessarily split a shaving or show up visible to the naked eye, but it does leave lines on work, and the higher the level of surface polish, the harder it is to hide it. One of the reasons that I like to finish plane off of a settled in washita - uniformity seems to be easier.

The blinding reflectiveness of the method discussed here recently would make finish planing somewhat more difficult, but the case is the same with japanese planes.

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