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This is a disturbing question

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
In the past 18 months I decided to make the bevels on all chisels and plane irons 30 degrees.

Does this rule out buffing their edges as you're doing from your 20 or 23 degree bevels?

Why disturbing? Because it says we have not made clear how simple this procedure can be. It can be made complicated with nuances, but it doesn't have to be if the goal is simply improving the durability of an edge. To my knowledge nobody that has tried buffing has failed to improve an edge.

To repeat what I have said before.

Step 1 Sharpen as you always have

Step 2 Stick the chisel into a moderately hard, charged wheel so that the wheel deforms around the tip for a few seconds. (that would be under the wheel when rotating toward you so the force of the wheel pushes the tool away from the wheel and not into it) where it would catch and you would have to retrieve the chisel from some body part)

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