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David Weaver
...if you shallow the primary a little bit on a chisel, hone a shallow secondary and then just buff the chisel edged at something like 45 degrees to the wheel surface until you see a small shiny stripe, that's pretty much it.

I haven't really found any way to unintentionally screw it up.

Once the cap iron becomes familiar, it's easy to see that it has a pretty generous working range, but developing some sense with it is probably a lot harder.

I do recall posting the cap iron article and then about a month later getting PMs from a few people that Chris Schwarz was posting blogs about starting to use the cap iron and that "I should go read his blog if I'm interested in the cap iron and would like to learn more about it".

If Chris was a pirate, we'd call him a sawbuckler. he does nice work on the books, though, and that work aside from a printed stinker or two (modernized commentary that one may think was intentional trolling because it's so far off base) has probably helped a lot of people who start in a vacuum.

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