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Steve Voigt
Based on my experience from the cap iron saga, I predict both good and bad things will happen.

One the bad side of the ledger, people on forums will argue, dismiss it, misconstrue it. YouTubers and bloggers will present it as their own idea and hog the credit. In four or five years, magazines will write about it, without attributing credit where it's due.

On the good side, eventually lots of people will adopt it. I have not been able to experiment yet, but based on what I'm reading, it's a lot like the cap iron in that it requires touch, discernment, nuance, so it will never become fully mainstream. But as with the cap iron, it will change the way a ton of people work, and allow them to get good results from very plain chisels, just as the cap iron has allowed people to do great work with bog-standard planes.

I should set a calendar alert to reread this post in exactly eight years. :D

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