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Re: Tested a buffed PM-V11 chisel

David Weaver
I found the v11 chisel to work through a set amount of wood a little bit more easily than the AI MK2 chisels, but I'm not sure why. I think it's the amount of chromium in the alloy (the friction planing is less than O1, too).

I don't know that bill is convinced.

I didn't get quite as perfect of behavior with V11 as with japanese steel and O1, but it still got through the material faster.

It hones about half as fast on the diamond hone and definitely takes longer to buff- I may have come up slightly short with buffing.

Only the japanese chisel that I used for testing makes it through a set amount of maple with fewer mallet strikes.

I did see more improvement in the less robust chisels than in the V11, though, with the buffing, mostly because there was less room for improvement. Same for the japanese chisel.

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