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Unicorn summary requested

Steve Voigt
Folks, I have spent the last week packing and moving my home and shop, and before that buying a house on extremely short notice. As a result, I've had no time to check in here for a couple weeks, and am now confronted with several hundred posts on unicorn profiles, and it is all a bit much to make sense of.
Can some kind soul(s) provide me with a nickel summary?
Questions: I gather that you push the chisel into a rouge-charged felt or cotton wheel for…how long?
Are y'all going straight from the grinder to the buffing wheel, or honing the chisel as usual on stones?
How does one control the angle of the final buffing?
Has anyone tried/been able to duplicate the same results on a strop or stone? In other words, is it the geometry that matters, or is it primarily the medium of the buffing wheel that matters?
I admit that my eyes glaze over and my brain stops working when I see micro-photographic images, but my interest is piqued by claims of superior performance on substandard chisels. Derek's paring pics in the last thread were quite persuasive.
Thanks all in advance for your indulgence.

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