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Added a PM-V11 test *PIC*


A quick follow-up to the previous post with the flat-honed vs. buffed Buck Brothers chisel. I just tested a flat-honed Veritas PM-V11 chisel (30 degrees, finished on a Shapton Pro 12000). I'm presenting the images of the Veritas chisel here alongside the Buck Brothers images I already posted. I'll skip the pictures of the chisels when freshly sharpened and just show the post-chopping pictures.

This is the flat-honed Buck Brothers chisel looked like after chopping off 20 pieces, looking at the bevel, back, and edge head-on (these are the same as from my previous post):

The flat-honed Veritas chisel looked like after chopping off 20 pieces:

An aside: A quick look at the pictures of the flat-honed Veritas PM-V11 makes it seem like it was as damaged as the flat-honed Buck Bros, but I don't think that's the case. Or at least, I think the nature of the damage was different. I think the Veritas was more jagged and the Buck Bros was more folded. Just speculating: I think the PM-V11 is chipping on a small scale, which leaves jagged edges that are still helpful for cutting.

Here's the buffed Buck Brothers after chopping off 20 pieces (these are the same as from my previous post):


As I noted in another post, after three chops, I checked if the flat-honed Veritas was capable of shaving, and found that it wasn't. The buffed Buck Brothers chisel could still shave hair after 20 chops.

For those curious what the edge damage looks like at a more normal scale, here's the Veritas after the chopping. There's a light placed directly to the right of the blade, so that's what you're seeing a reflection of.

(In case you're wondering why there's damage near the blade's right side even though I was chopping narrower pieces of wood, it's because I apparently have a tendency to chop not quite straight. This caused the chisel to shift laterally as I chopped, and then that corner also tended to hit the chopping surface first when I cut through the test piece of maple.)

And here's the buffed Buck Bros after the chopping:

Unfortunately, I don't have a good photo of the flat-honed Buck Brothers chisel after the chopping.

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