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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I was wondering how long this exciting work on the Unicorn Profile would go on before you entered the conversation with something negative. You are reliable, and predictable.

For over a decade you have "promoted" innovations in sharpening and steels. I would have chosen the words "investigated" and "reported" to describe this work.

Remember cpm 3v? Remember....? My bench chisels that have built several dozen major pieces of furniture since I made them are this steel. At the time the steel was new and recommendations for heat treating biased toward toughness. They dull by deforming at the tip like most of the chisels people use. I am optimistic David's discovery of the Unicorn Profile will fix this deficiency. BTW, what furniture have you made in this time?

Remember loose diamond sharpening? I did promote this technique and use it routinely. So do some others. What is your point? Are you complimenting me for telling others about its advantages?

Remember pm v11? Of course. I analyzed it remember?. Best steel on the market for western chisels. Certainly a game changer for LV. Wouldn't you agree, but maybe not for people that only talk about wood working and don't make anything.

You have constantly belittled the efforts of those who use traditional methods.
In 2011 you told me I needed tougher chisels because of some imaginary problem which I have not had.
Now you pissed me off attributing behavior that I did not do. I could care less what you do because I don't see any evidence that you actually do any woodworking. I would not waste the electrons to comment on your wood working notions.

All these innovations and you were still unable to perform routine work without damaging an edge? I will point out the obvious. If you don't build anything your tools don't get dull and it matters not how you sharpen them.

I cannot diagnose a problem from 500 miles away, but something is very wrong here.
And finally, if I need advice on how to do woodworking I find it at a source that does quality work. My favorite source is the Headley shop, 4 generations of making Period Furniture. Whatever Steve and Jeff does is backed by years of experience making stuff, not talking about it.

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