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The full sharpening cycle
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David Weaver
For anyone having trouble navigating my long drawn out video, the sharpening cycle starts here:


you can ignore the safety discussion and bit about endorsement at the end. It occurred to me that I've had a couple of catches of knife tips in the buffer and while I think it's probably no more dangerous than a bench grinder, if this video gets a couple of thousand views in the end, I have no clue who might stick plane blade, chisel or knife in the top of the buffer wheel and shoot it across the shop or have it snapped into their hand.

This sharpening cycle is this exact picture (i fibbed about using one hand sharpening, i do it all the time if the media is fast cutting. The angle makes it look like i'm putting a healthy secondary on the chisel (steep), but it turns out this one was 23 degrees.


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