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David Weaver
>>If you are not using a chisel and having edge damage that this technique will eliminate you are not a candidate for trying it.<<

I'd imagine most folks will not tolerate an edge steep enough to avoid edge damage, and those who think they have, often have damage that shortens the sharpening interval.

What this does for paring chisels is wonderful - it is alone worth that. Low resistance paring without edge damage, even in hardwoods.

What it will do for already good chisels is improve the edge holding and drastically improve everything around the process (the work in hardwoods comes out in neat leaves, the force of the chisel pounding into halfblinds and across end grain is reduced).

It's obviously not necessary, but the biggest benefit (making marginal chisels work like really expensive chisels) is certainly there. There much more benefit than that, though, too. It's worthy of use on any chisel aside perhaps from a very steep beveled mortise chisel. Useful on gouges, too.

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