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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Once I knew what profile I needed to achieve I achieved it first try on flat "stones" and an abrasive loaded strop. Successfully produced 5 ash drawers with the edge with no damage. Was what I did optimum? Don't know. Did it work satisfactory, yes. End of story.

Then using a buff I had on hand and the yellow stick I ordered, I did it again on a steeper angled chisel. Again success. Winston did it with a drill and buff, successfully.

There you go- 3 for 3 for those willing to try it.

If you are not using a chisel and having edge damage that this technique will eliminate you are not a candidate for trying it. No benefit to be gained.

I have made something on the order of 100 dovetailed drawers the past few years and suffered chisel dulling by deformation on them all. You note how damn quick I tried it. And given the benefit I would have kept trying until I succeeded. I was driven by the benefit. All I needed to know to learn it was the reliable knowledge that it does work astonishingly well.

I told someone in the club about it and within an hour he had ordered a wheel and compound. This is the audience we want to reach. The unmotivated will be unmotivated to expend even the small effort it takes to employ this technique. These is no point convincing them to try.

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