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David Weaver
..for most things. I can't comment here as I don't learn well from other people and have walked into this, but I think it's something that anyone can do better than their underlying sharpening method within a week for about $60.

By better, I mean sharper and longer lasting chisel edges. What really goes on with planes remains to be seen until some yokel (me, I guess) A/Bs some plane edges.

The process, though, is very forgiving. If you can prepare an edge with a middle stone and raise a decent wire edge, for chisels, all you really have to do is put some abrasive on the wheel with a stick and then lean into the chisel to get to a little "backbone" in the wheel and then that's pretty much it.

The more you do it, the better your feel will be, but you can do a good job without it being perfect.

I suspect a good job in this case is far above what most people do as a "good job" when sharpening with stones.

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