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ken ca

I was actually only interested in obtaining the Acme Vise as I do sharpen my own saws, have several saw vises and other saw sharpening paraphernalia but have always wanted one of these - the ultimate saw filing vise.

Anyway, turns out I got the whole machine which before obtaining it I knew as much about it as you did. It's really nothing more than a 28" vise on a carriage turned by a handwheel plus a reciprocating file. Unlike the Foley which advances the saw automatically and files the depth automatically, the Acme is "semi" automatic only. The user has to advance the saw and apply the downwards - and sidewards if he wishes - pressure to the filing cut.
One of the complaints of fully automatic saw filers is that they can't vary the pressure or load the front or back of the tooth when required. The Acme can but of course it requires a lot more sharpening skill than the Foley.

The Foleys are "cool" though!

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