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Re: ANDY Router Plane

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
William, you know I remember your version. I went searching for it on the Internet and could not find it. I thought that it might have been Brian Buckner.

Your casting is different from mine. It is not only the blade clamp, but you have a V-groove for the bed of the blade (mine is round, the shape of the round shaft). I did not have to flatten the sole of this plane, and the bed for the shaft is perfectly vertical. No work needed there.

It dawned on me when posting the pictures, seeing the router alongside the Veritas, that I need to remake the handles and capture the screws inside (so they do not show at the top). I really like the shape of your handles, but the size on mine feels right to me. So I will redo these (turning small parts, especially in this highly interlocked Jarrah, is a challenge).

The round bed for the shaft is an issue for me. I want this router to be a user, and adjustment is done by a hammer tap. The round shaft is vulnerable to twisting, unlike the angled shaft on yours. That was a fix I came up with for the Small Veritas router plane many years ago, and I need to find a solution here. Any ideas?

Regards from Perth


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