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> The pictures in the maple tell the story so clearly that I think most people will find the results hard to believe, especially if they've ever used stanley 60 or buck brothers chisels of that type with a flat bevel.

I agree, I would find it hard to believe if I hadn't done the test myself! Hopefully the pictures tell a pretty convincing story, and hopefully others will try it out and find that yes, it really makes that much of a difference.

I think my next test will be a flat-honed PM-V11 chisel. I also want to compare a buffed PM-V11 chisel. I'd expect it to last longer than the buffed Buck Brothers chisel, but I don't think my test procedure could demonstrate that, since that chisel was essentially undamaged in the test.

I think I have been buffing these chisels more successfully than the first ones that I tried when I heard about this method. By "more successful", I mean that I'm getting chisels that are both sharper and significantly more durable than a flat-honed chisel. There's something I'm doing better with technique, though I'm not sure exactly what it is. Maybe it's that I'm using a lighter touch, or that I'm putting the blade closer to tangent to the wheel... I'm not sure exactly.

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