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perfect pictures..

David Weaver
trying to get perfect pictures is torture. Good pictures with accommodating commentary to tell people what matters in the picture is all you need.

There's an aspect of visual lighting, then dimensional orientation (you can see how wide scratches are or damage, but then what if it's deeper in some spots than others), and then the software interpretation of what's shown.

I think your pictures tell the story great. face-on view is probably hard to get perfect without some software that takes various layers and puts them together or a really expensive high magnification scope with a deep field of view, and then I don't think most will interpret it. This test is idea for bevel and back side pictures as they show damage in from the end based on different light deflection or metal that's completely removed.

The pictures in the maple tell the story so clearly that I think most people will find the results hard to believe, especially if they've ever used stanley 60 or buck brothers chisels of that type with a flat bevel.

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