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Thanks, derek..

David Weaver
..except for very small work or softer wood, the 271 can become a bit painful for me to use.

I'd imagine not many of them are used regularly, but I"ve got use for a small router to work material out of guitar fingerboards for block and trapezoidal inlay (finally have a use for a tool that looked so useful!!).

I've got the original stanley and veritas big routers and am too accomodated to using the stanley so far to make the veritas work better for me. As dumb as it sounds, it's made to "too close" of tolerances and sometimes when you're doing mostly bulk removal, a clattery coarse adjusting tool is a little easier.

But there's the hours bias there, too (i'm used to the stanley - how it feels, what it does, how not to ruin the sides of dadoes with it, etc).

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