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Re: This kind of confirmation is invaluable...

> Is the last picture of the bevel before or after chiseling? I found the rubbery steel on those buck brothers chisels relatively compliant to bending uniformly at the edge of the chisel without really sustaining too much damage. It could almost just be realigned.

It was from before chiseling. I'm quite sure the part that sticks down below the plane of the chisel back wasn't actually there, and that it's just something weird about the way I took the picture.

For this profile picture, I also used the 45-degree mirror and handheld the light. The exact positioning of the light makes a big difference in the appearance of the picture. I think that the plane of the chisel back may not have been quite parallel to the lens axis, and the part that looks like a hook may actually be the cutting edge receding into the distance, slightly askew. With the very shallow depth-of-field from the microscope, sometimes the pictures have artifacts that behave in ways that we're not used to seeing. I probably should have tried to take a better picture, rather than post one that's a bit off and then try to explain it.

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