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Re: thoughts vs. stanley 271?
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thoughts vs. stanley 271? ()

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
What are your thoughts about its proportions and the feel in use vs. a stanley 271?

David, as you know, these SJB kits are really rough. One has to be dead keen to machine them, especially without machine tools :)

I do not have a Stanley #271. I had one years ago and replaced it with the Veritas Small Router. They are dinky things. I find it a little small, preferring something with more registration area.

I have the Large Veritas, which is the best router plane on the market in my opinion, and it gets quite a bit of use. I could have just purchased their Medium version for smaller work, but I just fancied the looks of the SJB. I plan to make a few extra blades in different (smaller) sizes.

Regards from Perth


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