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made chisel, Unicorned it, chopped dovetails *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have had an unhandled Narex chisel I have been wanting to put in service. I tapered the sides for dovetailing on the grinding wheel. Thinned the blade on a belt sander. Turned and mounted a dogwood handle. That's enough modification to claim partial credit for "making a chisel".

Used a flawed technique to drive the handle on. Searched for a wooden knight to pull the sword(chisel) out of the rock(wood). Split rock from sword.

Flattened back and polished to 1 micron diamond. Forgot how fast 15 micron on cast iron cuts compared to a fine Ezlap plate. Wow. Flat ground bevel at 25 degrees through 1 micron diamond. Then at most spent 3 seconds adding the Unicorn Profile with fuzzy wheel, yellow 5 micron compound, 3600 rpm. I could see the narrow glint of the Unicorn bevel.

Dashed out a series of dovetails like the ones I recently chopped for drawers so I would remember some comparison. Did not coping saw waste, chiseled it more aggressively than normal.


1.normally when I remove waste with 30 degree bevel chisel, without coping sawing, the last bit of waste breaks off leaving a butt hole in the tail. Not this time. And I was not being dainty with the blows.
2 Penetration remarkably easier than 30 degree bevel.
3. No damage to edge I could see at 10X.

This is a mild test of the chisel, not how well I can make a dovetail. (It was a test of how quick though.) But the results encourage further exploration. And it showed the easier penetration could be beneficial even in my hands. I don't think refinement through 1 micron diamond is necessary. Will explore stopping at coarser grit then Unicorning. Will explore hollow grind.

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made chisel, Unicorned it, chopped dovetails *PIC*
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