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David Weaver
...is in the fixed shaft attached to the motor. I have a feeling you could throw a chisel like a juggs machine with a buffer.

I'll explain further what I mean about the lathe ways and rests. If the buffer gets something, you'll feel it jerk it, but it probably won't leave your hands.

If it jerks something and throws it into the ways instead of a floor, it may make a sharp turn into some part of you. Tips of knives, etc are going to be more likely sources of problems on the buffer until a habit is made of where they go and how you're oriented with it.

*do not do a knife that folds without a locking mechanism on the buffer until you've got a significant amount of experience.

I buff straight razors on this buffer once in a while - it's not uncommon for people to do that, but that's like a folding knife situation on steroids because the tang is short if the buffer wants it, the buffer can have it. I don't need to be holding to it if it gets launched and the buffer wants to fold the thing shut quickly.

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