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Iles chisel tolerates hard maple at 32 degrees

David Weaver
The iles chisel with a 2 1/2 hundredth long 32 degree microbevel (honed to 1 micron diamond finish and lightly leather stropped) tolerates maple

38% more strikes than "unicorn" and the level is getting steep enough that the edge bounces in maple a little bit. I shot for 12 slices through the inch of maple this time, but with the edge bouncing (this wood is resting on a piece of softwood plywood and is held in place with a holdfast - the softwood ply underneath may be aiding the bouncing) it's not really any better.


not 100% damage free, but very good given how abusive hard maple can be cutting perpendicular to the grain.

I will try one more thing - a low 20s secondary angle with only a tiny tiny microbevel a little steeper to see if we're really all wasting our time making big visible microbevels. This has the best chance (I think) to match the buffed edge in combining effort and durability.

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