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Re: Not as successful here

David Weaver
That may be a blade issue. I have an xhp iron that I use fairly often (my v11 iron is gone) and in regular use, it will accumulate more chipping that my best O1 irons, but I attribute that to two things:
* it lasts twice as long
* it wears half as fast (and probably buffs half as fast)

I've used the buffed xhp iron sizing a rosewood plane blank, but that's not a reliable way to check for chipping because it's filled with silica. Everything gets little chips on it.

I buffed the xhp iron that I'm using "flatter".

I still think from the start that the technical issues to solve with plane sharpening (hitting a fairly narrow range to balance clearance and strength, usually no failure by impact, and having back wear to remove) makes the buffer another option to master, but the time savings and large improvement isn't there like it is for chisels and knives.

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