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LV Green Compound /Formax Microfine
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Compound bonanza tonight ()

David Weaver
Unless LV has changed suppliers, this is the stuff that set the razor boards on fire when they looked under a scope and compared the scratches to green chrome ox.

very good cutting power, very usable.

in my opinion, the fact that the compound is charged with a lot of alumina makes it much more usable.

Downside is that it's very expensive for what it is. Cutting power of the mcmaster green is about as good. This compound sells for $10 + shipping to $19 with shipping on amazon, or 13.50 from LV.

Jackson lea green above is $14.50 or something like that for 3 pounds. If you're only using little bits, 6 ounces and 3 pounds are about the same unless you split the big bar in two for the inevitable situation when you misplace half of it.

Could be marked up by distribution channels for woodworkers, too.

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