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McMaster 1 micron "Green" on Corian
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David Weaver
The actual brand is jackson lea.

Smooth side of corian. Corian is so smooth that it's actually detrimental to getting contact of the tool with the surface. The off-side of corian is rough. I'll test it with dry WD40 to make sure that it has no real abrasive power.

If all samples have this stray scratching in them, I'll try the sticks on some other backer to make sure the stray scratches continue. I suspect that these scratches are due to particles that are out of spec (like the LV compound - spec is up to 6 micron), or perhaps in spec but large, and these particles don't really have enough size to cause a problem in a buff - problem is very obvious on a harder surface, though!)

same chisel will be used for all of these. AFter one cycle through, I will re-do each to make sure the same kind of stray scratches appear on both tries, too (vs. being scratches that were just never worked out).

In the scheme of woodworking, these are just cosmetic scratches, though - a tiny fraction of a thousandth in any depth or uniformity.

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