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24 z saw blades coming today...

David Weaver
I use only a couple of pull saws in the shop, but when making little things and not always wanting to fixture all of them, I find the z-240 crosscut to be super. Unfortunately, when I switched to western saws, I gave most of my supplies to a friend.

Looking around, it looks like the 240 is not as popular now as a 265mm blade of the same type. I've since found a listing on amazon for about $13 (with tax) for a replacement blade that would've fit the bill well, but it didn't come up in a search.

Enter unreasonable things people do in reaction to other unreasonable things. I saw listings for replacement blades with shipping and tax on ebay for about $27. Not a fan.

Whole saw? The Z 240 i see now for $40 on ebay (highway robbery). and the 265 is $58 for saw and handle. (!!!)

There's no context for this until you see the entire saw and blade for each sold on yahoo japan for $9 from a retail seller (a stock item, not clearance) and blades for about $5 each if bought in quantity.

So I bought 24. proxy charge and shipping for the lot thanks to covid (dhl is the only air option from japan right now) makes them about $8 each.

Quite a lot of what's distributed here is marked up like this. I'm not a fan, but I understand the business models and the cultural thing in japan makes manufacturers loyal to distributors and less critical of giant distribution markups narrowing sales growth (H. stanley and the shapton arrangement comes to mind - relabel the $55 cream stone and suddenly it's $140 at retail over here with a warning that the binder formula wouldn't hold up in our climate >( ).

I've also used the proxy sites to get large lots of older stones in japan (which is interesting, because you find really old unmarked stones that are resin based and the idea of "new technology stones" starts to look funny. Also often included are india type stones, but much finer than what we generally have, and white alundum super fine oilstones that perform like a giant spyderco stone but about 10 times as much in volume).

i've resisted the urge thus far when large lots of old hardware store stock (handmade ryobas, katabas, etc) come up for sale as the hardware store saws are the only ones I really use, but the urge is there when 35 hand made saws sell for $5 -$10, unused.

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