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Planing stop revisited *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
While David was idling away a Sunday afternoon making show off shavings ;) I was productively leveling the drawer slips and installing bottoms. As usual my goal was to make wood go away as quickly as possible with no concern for finish. Nobody shows off the finish on their drawer slips. A bit of wax and a few years use will polish them just fine.

I don't do this kind of planing often. I am not motivated to install a post in the middle of the bench where it would interfere with sharping a chain saw. But another idea caught my eye. I threw a 4' clamp across the bench and to my satisfaction it worked dandy. Thank you who ever it was. The only problem came with the tallest drawer and a short planer. I need to invent a planing stool.

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Planing stop revisited *PIC*
You have yourself a stop sir!
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