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pictures of shavings

David Weaver
Thinnest shavings from cherry - 1000 grit diamond hone on bevel, washita on back, buffer.


These are unusually thin and fine. The pictures that I usually post from the washita look like this, but the shaving matrix is more like a yarn afghan. These are more uniform and thinner. The surface left behind on the wood is spectacularly bright.

It's entertaining, but I don't think it provides any practical difference in use - just shown because you can't get shavings like these full length if a plane won't stay in a cut without external downforce.

And a demonstration of something relatively unusual also, the ability to make rosewood shavings thin enough that they're not dark. Indian rosewood.


Like the neck blanks that I've used, this rosewood has silica in the matrix. It makes a bunch of small dings on edges. That's impact. I have another billet to size and see if this is protective against those. I'm skeptical about that.

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